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Choreography Projects
-selected works

La Hielera (premiered February 2020)
Choreographer/Director Seónagh Kummer

Immigration detention centres are often referred to as “La Hielera,” The Icebox, due to extremely cold temperatures inside. This piece explores the idea of our complicity in the act of detaining children in these dangerous, unsupervised spaces.​

This piece is currently being reimagined due to limitations imposed by the pandemic, and is being developed as a short dance film.


World Water Dance (Poche Beach, 2021)

Choreographer/Director Seónagh Kummer

Julian Xiong and Clotéail Migion

We draw attention to the global plastic waste crisis and its effects upon our oceans, mammals, birds and sea life in an interdependent ecosystem. On Poche beach where the dance takes place in San Clemente, California, we see waste problems occurring at the surface of the ocean when waste washes up to shore daily, and local people work diligently to remove the plastics, only to see it washing up again to litter the shoreline. Mismanaged waste remains on land, triggering public health crises among vulnerable communities. As we think beyond the beach we recognise and call for the urgent need for action to reduce plastic waste and find sustainable possibilities to finally end plastic pollution and address mismanagement of plastic waste.


"My Practice celebrates the vulnerability of our bodies and the precarousness of its meaning..."

"My practice celebrates the vulnerability of our bodies and the precariousness of its meaning.  As a dancemaker my body, the bodies of dancers, and each body we interact with is asking moral questions. What ethical dilemmas exist when excavating hidden stories with our bodies? How do I attend to anxieties and narratives of violence in our everyday spaces? How do I occupy within my body a resistance to injustice and violence that occurs daily to many bodies under the many faces of power that create narrow and tightly constricted understandings about what bodies are normal?"


Bloom (April 2019)
Choreographer/Director Seónagh Kummer


Anna Paris and Alék G. López


This is an exploration of divine femininity, in all its forms, as a guiding principle and action.


Bluestocking (April 2019)
Choreographer/Director Seónagh Kummer


Anna Paris

Women who do not mold to fit societal norms often get the raw end of the stick considering words that describe them. “Bluestocking” is a word that positively describes an intellectual or literary women interested in books and ideas rather than fitting in.


"While creating dance movement...

“While creating dance movement, I seek to become the object or living thing and in so doing to explore my culpability and sense our interconnectedness. The topic presents itself further, and movement is created from this relationship” –Seónagh Kummer, Ph.D.

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