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"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across many waters to create many ripples"

              -Mother Theresa

Founders Seónagh and David Kummer shared a vision to build a non-profit organization that uses dance to change the world. Stone by stone, we are building connections with women and men who care to lessen the distance between continents. We believe in changing consciousness, that we all play a part in creating positive changes, and that women are often at the centre of creating radical change in their communities. We both work full time to create positive spaces for human connection.

Part of our story of coming together through this vision, we combined our backgrounds in dance artistry and fundraising to establish the initial vision of Dharma in Motion in 2017, which was launched as a fundraiser at our wedding. We held our first immersive show in 2019 as an event with international partners, and raised money for the Dufatanye in Rwanda.​

The name of our non-profit speaks about living our purpose through dance and action. 


"It occurred to me that I could be an activist from my own source of power—dance. Dance is my body’s expression and activism is the body of justice that invites us into embodied declarations of worth, and calls to inspire change" (Seónagh Kummer). 

The essence of dharma, right action or duty, is living life according to one’s highest purpose all the time. Dharma designates human behaviours considered necessary for the universe to function. These are principles that prevent chaos, and behaviours or actions necessary to sustain all life.​




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