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Saving lives through Dance



We are a dance organization that seeks to empower women and their communities. We use dance as a method of raising funds for women in dire need.



We find ways to create lasting change that elevates women's lives.

We see dance as both a healing art and a life transforming mechanism. 

We offer dance workshops about meaningful topics. 


Dharma in Motion supports sustainable projects in India, Rwanda, Los Angeles, and wherever a small donation can change the lives of those with the most extreme need. 






Women thrive when they have the right resources, safe spaces for human connection, and creative spaces to share both culture and ideas. We offer help that enables women to develop practical, creative businesses and places to gather. 


We produce immersive dance experiences, dance concerts, and dance events that bring artists together with the wider community, and this helps us to raise funds while we raise awareness about our causes. With a mindset to create communities of caring, we gather artists’ voices that highlight women’s causes, female-identified artist’s voices, and global concerns.



All funds make a real and lasting positive impact in the lives of women and their communities.  We develop relationships with frontline workers to identify community-specific needs with a high return per dollar. 

Our research is focused on learning how to assist moments of real need in a way that is sustainable and lasting. Building a place where women in need can develop a business is more than a lifeline, and can offer hope for someone in despair.  To most effectively invest in a community’s needs and create meaningful and lasting change we help them create places to gather around work, develop effective businesses, and assist individuals’ education.


“Reach out to each other with compassion and focus on what unites us as members of one human family."


-Dalai Lama, responding to the current COVID-19 crisis in India




Dharma in Motion raised funds to help develop a women's business in Rwanda. The Dufatanye women had a vision to start a cooperative, expand their farming enterprises, and send their children to school. In April 2019 we fundraised $7, 500 that will enables the women to create a small store in which to gather, and to sell their beautiful hand made items.  We believe in sustainable projects, so our fundraising efforts are also to enable financial stability that was to be for two years after the store opening. We continue to stay close with the Dufatanye and with our partners at WD4H. During the Covid crisis, and because of a flood in the area, we  found ways to support the Dufatanye with food and other needs while the country is in lockdown.


Dance is a universal language that speaks to everyone without discrimination, and it can be used as a way to communicate about causes. As our project develops we are building relationships with choreographers and causes around the world, aiming toward a 24 hour continuous dance concert with a goal to shine a light on critical needs of women and raise funds to help their causes.

Watch for updates as we build our projects and begin to reveal our world-wide partners involved in micro-donations for women in need!

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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